Loss - Recent Examples on the Web. Trump is obsessed, broadly speaking, with the idea that the bilateral US-China trade deficit represents a financial loss to the American people.. the state of being deprived of or of being without something that one has had: the loss of old friends. death, or the fact of being dead: to mourn the loss of a grandparent.. loss (lôs, lŏs) n. 1. The act or an instance of losing: nine losses during the football season. 2. a. One that is lost: wrote their flooded house off as a loss. b. The.

Spread. After the strip was posted, many notable webcomics began parodying the comic and its final panel in particular, including HijiNKS Ensue, Cyanide and Happiness, Bigger then Cheeses, EEGRA hilarity comics, Fanboys, and Slackerz.. Synonyms for loss at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for loss.. Nov 17, 2017  · Unfortunately, grief and loss are inevitable parts of life, but they can affect us in different ways. Coping strategies for such periods of sadness are essential, and include creative expression, travel, reaching out to others, looking forward to the future, avoiding mind-altering chemicals, honoring the person you’ve lost, the use of certain.

2 a person or thing harmed, lost, or destroyed . the platoon was able to accomplish its reconnaissance mission without any losses. Loss of the ability to see things directly in front of the eye, often occurring in patients with macular degeneration. The macula of the retina contains the greatest concentration of cone photoreceptors in the eye and is the location on the retina where vision is sharpest and. Last Remaining Booksets to Europe . Follow on Twitter. Latest Silly | Check out the newest comic.

As I said before, loss.jpg is the closest thing we have of a perfect meme, because it's nearly universal, it's impossible to make an ironic version and the only way to make it go away would be to ignore it, but since it has such a simple concept, it simply won't go away..